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Pritz-Systems firm standing knives

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1. In connection with the firm standing knives, ergonomics is a very important aspect.
2. The handle dips towards behind , through which better pressure and better holding becomes possible.
3. Die trough for the forefinger in the middle prevents a possible sliding of the hand to front.
4. The blade tapers to the back -Through this, it is possible to reach a better balance.
5. The centerpiece is manufactured exclusively of V2 or V4 material (rustless).
6. The classical knife is 9 cm long.
7. material of the blade:
powder- metallurgic damask or N685 ( known as surgeon steel) if desired, the knife can be manufactured of all kinds of steel Almost every year, I invent a new knife-model. 2002 I invented the model “ classical hunter” . The characteristic aspect of this knife is its slim shaping.

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