Pritz Hunting Rucksack

Pritz-systems Hunting Rucksack

 Pritz-systems Repulsion-decrease      gunrest

1. material: canvas or loden
2. Equipped with broad straps , which are underlied with felt
3. four external pockets:
external pocket 1: hunting knife
external pocket 2: hunting accessory (clothes etc.)
the gun is fixated in the middle of the backpack
external pocket 3: “spective” or thermosbottle
external pocket 4: torch
4. help for the carrying of the binoculars (to ease the burden of the neck)
5. broad straps with one stalking knob on each side prevent that the gun slides from the shoulders; the straps are also eyed thus a leash can be fixated
6. A leather wrapper covers the attachment of thongs ( thus the gun is not damaged at stalking activities)
7. on the back-part of the backpack there is a floor cushion
8. There exists also a thong for the cloak
9. the volume of the backpack: 75 l

Pritz-systems hunting rucksack for more success!