Pritz-systems Repulsion-decrease      HuntingRucksack

Combinated construction (in the front and behind)

1. material: coarseleather
advantages of coarseleather: it does not slide ; even worthy guns are hold optimally and are not mauled, noble appearance of the “gunrest”

2. Spacing material: rice or plastic granules
The advantage of rice is its optimal adaptability- It adapts itself optimally to the gun. The plastic granules are more advantageous when it’s quite wet.

3. The construction: The construction is a “X-Fixture”, which guarantees that the gun is hold optimally
The difference to other constructions: the middle-part is stitched throug the external seams, which prevents a possible “jumping out” of the gun to a great extent The construction compared with other mechanical gunrests:
The point of accurate shooting of the gun at a hundred meters is very precise( one centimeter!!); The point of accurate shooting of the gun in connection with other mechanical gunrests is not as precise ( deviation: three to five cm) These statements correlate to a gun that was shooted in the Caliber .300W.Mag. .

4. Weight: the front “gunrest”:
Rice: ca. 7kg
Plastic granules: ca. 4,5 kg
The rear “gunrest”: Rice: ca. 1,2 kg

5. Length: the front “gunrest”: 25 cm
The rear “gunrest”:8 cm

6. Price: cf. price list

Pritz-systems “Gunrest” for more success!