Pritz-systems folder-knives

Pritz-System folder knives

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1. Handle: made of one piece ( rustless steel or high tensil tool-aluminium)
2. no tacks, no screw joints
3. countersunk press bottom locking mechanism of the blade
4. The handles are infolded with various materials
5. material of the blade: N685 Böhler powder-metallurgical damask
6. Rockwellseverity: ca. 60-62 HRC
7. Length of the blade: 8,3 cm
8. overall length : 19,5 cm
9. All edges of the handle are rounded off and the blade is incorporated into the handle. Advantage in the trouser pockets: no tearing of the trouser pockets
10. The construction’s characteristic aspect: easy handly
11. The knife made of light metal is the most pleasant one because it is very light.
12. the workmanship of the steel is proper for hard exertion

This knife received the “price of innovation” of a qualified jury at the international knifemaker-fair in Vienna 1998.

Pritz-systems folder-knives for more success!